| SSL Facts

SSL Facts

Why Do I Need SSL?

Protect your customers and their sensitive information
Increase trust and confidence = Increase transactions and avoid losing customers
Stand out versus the competition

SSL Encryption Strength SGC

Enables all site visitors to connect at the strongest encryption possible for that client system.
Available in Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV, VeriSign Secure Site Pro, thawte SGC Supercerts 256-bit Encryption
All Symantec SSL Certificates are equipped to enable 256-bit encryption where both the server and client support 256-bit sessions.

SSL Authentication Extended Validation

Provide the strongest level of authentication, which enables high security web browsers to display a green address bar. Organizational Validation
Ensures the domain is properly registered, the purchase of the certificate was authorized by the domain registrant and that the owner of that domain is a legally accountable person or business. Domain Validation
Validates the domain is properly registered and the purchase of the certificate was authorized by the domain registrant.

SSL Brands Symantec (VeriSign) is the best choice, if you:

Operate in a competitive environment where customer loyalty and brand protection is vital to your success.
Depend on a high level of financial or e-commerce transactions for the success of your business.
You want the most powerful SSL solution available today with the best in authentication, encryption and brand recognition. Thawte or GeoTrust is the best choice, if you:
Do not feel high levels of authentication are a priority. Instead, encrypting basic transactions is your focus.
Need to protect internal information.
Need your SSL certificate issued in minutes and wish to skip the paperwork associated with fully authenticated certificates.

Why EV SSL? Tec-Ed Survey (January 2007)

100% notice the green bar on a site
93% prefer to shop on sites with EV certificates
97% are likely to share their credit card information on sites with the green EV bar (only 63% with non-EV sites)
88% trust the name VeriSign on a site, as opposed to only 22% for the next most trusted SSL provider Browser support
Over 75% of worldwide browsers are supporting EV, including the Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3.0+, Opera 9.5+, Google Chrome, Safari 3.2+, Safari 4+, Flock (social networking browser), and the iPhone browser Case Studies – ROI of over 16,000 percent, for every dollar spent we’re getting $162 back! – 8.6% decrease in shopping cart abandonment
CRS Hotels – VeriSign EV brings 30% more conversions for their central reservation service.
Over 20 case studies with measured uplifts ranging from 5% – 87%
Why Symantec? The Most Trusted SSL Brand on the Internet Brand of choice for online leaders
Over 95% of the Fortune 500
96 of the 100 largest banks in the world that use SSL
90% of the 100 biggest Internet Retailer e-commerce sites VeriSign/Norton Secured Seal
Norton seals are viewed over 175 million times a day on over 90,000 Web sites in 145 countries.
91% of online shoppers recognize the Norton Secured Seal (Synovate 2008)
Can increase online sales by 10%-36% (case studies)